Friday, April 2, 2010

No mas buses

Mes Frères:

I have never been much for transportation. I prefer a regal carriage to a car. Even a Bentley.

I am so encouraged to hear that Herr Smith has decided to do away with the City's bus system. First, he fires most of the bus maintenance department. Then (surprise!) most of it will be shut down and the remainder (shuttles) will be placed under a certain Mr. Foyer. A person most noted for suing neighbors over fence lines on some place call "Boucher". In the outer Wards.

Additionally, Herr Smith has decided it is time to personally attack the poor man tasked with carrying out his dismantlement. Kwaku Duah, now running the Department after the departure of wunderkind Ms. Diane Matland. Yesterday he was physically threatened by Herr Smith for not giving him a Powerpoint in the correct form.

Yes, Powerpoints are so pesky.

It is always good to threaten City employees with a beating when they do not meet our standards. Like we did with the Pakis in the colonial days.

I know this is getting tiresome, but I must once again agree with Herr Smith. The City should not be in the transit business. People without enough net worth should be tasked to walk.

And physically threatened.

Like Mr. Leopold does in the County.

King of George


  1. I applaud your elitism. The select are our city's finest and that is a good thing for our fair town.

    After all we pay more than our fair share of taxes to keep the riff-raff out, right? It is so inconvenient to have to deal with the problems of the lower classes. We really should not have to put up with this sort of thing. I am glad our people downtown put the fear of the citizenry into the City Council the other night with our 3 hour show of force.

    That should teach them to try and get around the law of the land. Bravo Mr. Smith & Cohen!

    They know our needs and have well tended them and looked after us the appropriate manner to which we have become accustomed and befitting our station in life.

    We couldn't be more pleased.

  2. Bravo - Yes, let's get rid of the buses. They are so noisy and gaseous. Our people all have private parking or residential stickers and it doesn't benefit us. Why should we subsidize this sort of thing. Cut, Cut, Cut I say.

  3. Ward of One:

    I do so appreciate your support. It is always comforting to know that more than I alone tend the flame.

    The Citte exists for the Historic Core. Not the other way around.

    King of George

  4. Sigh, yes while our company is limited -- it is good and jolly and we have the real estate values to keep out the commoners from across the bridge, bully old boy!