Friday, April 23, 2010


Fellow Historics:

I am perplexed to report that our dear former Mayor, Ellen O. Moyer, was sighted today by the King's agents in Nebraska. That most common of states.

Corn, swine and illegal whiskey. I think that is all it is noted for. Even good Dick Israel was shrewd enough to be born one state away in Kansas.

So a departure from Nebraska kind of takes the shine off the 'big return' thing.

(see FLASH: MOYER TO RETURN, 19 April)

Not the same as France.

Oh my. Do we need a new analogy instead of Mary Queen of Scots?

Mais non.

We will do what all gentle people of the Historic Core should do: neglect the facts and pretend it didn't happen.

King of George

NB - The dear is expected in the citte late this weekend. Category 5 about to hit 160 Duke of Gloucester.


  1. Yea, baby. She will be coming back for some head crackin' revenge!

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  3. Dearest Readers:

    Once again the King has had to run his quill pen through a comment.

    Would the gun fire group people please keep their noxious fumes off this blog? Threatening a violent defense is offensive.

    King of George

  4. We need Ellen back!! Enough is enough.

  5. Ellen Moyer should stay in Big Red country with the maize, pigs and booze.

  6. The former Mayor is gone as is her patronage positions and wasting of taxpayer monies over trifles like bicycle paths, street end parks and Sailing Hall of Fames.

    We can thank Doug Smith for that as he has been successful in trimming the fat off a lazy and listless workforce. Let's hope he further cuts - maybe get rid of parking for employees in Hillman and make them walk in from Knighton or take the bus if we have to give them free parking. Why do they get free parking ? - why don't they have to pay like everyone else ?