Monday, April 19, 2010


Fellow Historics:

King of George can confirm our own Mary Queen of Scots, Mayor Ellen O. Moyer, is now set to return the Ancient Citte. She has been cast out since the inauguration of the current regime in November 2009.

Her return will be a scene reminiscent of the Dear Queen Mary's return to Leith, Scotland from France on 19 August 1561. For strategic reasons, the exact date and time in the next week will not be publicly announced. Yet, like Mary, she has not waited for a safe-conduct pass from the nouvelle regime.

The Boy King M. Cohen and his own Sir Francis Walsingham, the shrewd and conniving Herr Smith, await her.

Prima facia the Boy King and the Grizzled Queen get along well enough. Nevertheless, the young man has an agenda and, being new to power, has not yet learned how to be ruthless in its execution. Thus, Herr Smith is likely the prime actor to carry out some of the novelle regime's most odious tasks. Like Sir Francis, Herr Smith is a callous, devious man driven by an excessive love for intrigue.

Bully for him!

This will be a fine high drama with many twists and turns. Undoubtedly it will eventually culminate in an attempt at a political beheading of Queen Ellen at her own Fotheringhay Castle on Eastern Avenue in Eastport.

To set the stage for the replay of this most ancient of plots, we have also confirmed that key advisors to Mayor Moyer are planning a meeting with her in Chicago later this week. Far from the clutches of the evil Sir Francis. Strategy and tactics for the coming political battles will be discussed, along with concerns related to the tense poltical environment in the Ancient Citte.

Yet those who practice schadenfreude should be forewarned. Mary Stuart's progeny, James Charles Stuart, ruled the realm most satisfactorily for many years and united the kingdoms of England, Scotalnd and Wales. Never was done before.

Got it Bumper, Loni, Mike, Guy and Steve?

Annapolitans are in for a treat as the drama unfolds in many acts. All sides are dug in for a long performance that we expect from these most accomplished of actors.

There will be no intermissions.

Let's hope the inevitable Greek tragoidia spills only metaphorical blood onto the streets of the Ancient Citte. Remember, there was once a reason we were the Athens of America.

And there may be again.

King of George


  1. OMG. It's gonna be and olde fashioned Ward One street fighting donnybrook!! Will be there a steel cage? or a ref?

    Do we need to buy tickets?

  2. Ms. Moyer runs the risk of undermining the credibilty of the Ancient City's government institutions should she mix it up with the current Mayor. It would be best for her to leave it alone and proceed with the dignity befitting a former Mayor who left the City in good shape.

  3. Undermine what credibility?

    Smithians, Cohenistas and Moyerites?

  4. Dearest Readers:

    The King is happy to act as Bard for those who need intrepretation of the coming dramas. I am sure we will see fine performances by all.

    Here's to the return of Queen Ellen and the beginning of the contest!

    King of George

  5. Ellen vs. Josh. The battle Royale!

    Coming to Annapolis. Standby.

  6. Just received the post card about Smith.

    Cowardly ecoterrorism.

    Something a child or and idiot would do.

  7. Dearest Readers:

    Yes, truly a Battle Royale. Or, at least, a wrestling match with a larger furry creature. Perhaps a bear?

    Yes, the King abhors cowardly ecoterrorism via postcard. That's why he always hires a third party to secretly confront his enemies mano a mano rather than use the postal service.


    King of George

  8. Dammitall--as a registered Republican I must not be on the list. Makes one think that it is emanating from someone with a Democratic Party mailing list.