Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moyer Denies Annapolis

Dear Readers:

It's a question of relative merit. Or demerit.

Ms. Ellen O. Moyer has returned. The deposed leader is back upon her throne. But, in a conversation over heard by the King's agents today, she has denied us!

"Annapolis is NOT my hometown. I'm from Baltimore County!" she was heard exclaiming.

Well, we do fully understand you are not from the Historic Core. You are from Eastport. That small little place across the Gulf of Annapolis. Filled with villagers who have begun taking themselves a bit too seriously for my taste. (We, the elite of the Core, are the only ones who are entitled to behave in such a manner.)

But is it worse to be from Baltimore County or Eastport? The King is unsure. For Historics, we would probably prefer you to be from Balto County since is so far away from our beloved Core.

Then, again, we can smell Eastport. Anything you could do about those decaying fish would be appreciated.

Ms. Moyer, if you are going to betray us please do so for a respectable place. Like Davos, Aix en Provence or the Palms (either the Beach or Springs will do).

But please not Baltimore County.

King of George

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  1. Ms. Moyer was never really from around here and that's her problem.