Saturday, April 24, 2010


Brave Hearts:

Are you sitting down?

In a surprise phone call from the King today, former Mayor Ellen O. Moyer let out a shocker: she has made an unscheduled side trip to Havana.

An ancient port city like Annapolis, Ms. Moyer reported that the historic district of the city was quite fascinating, with many old and noble buildings recalling an European-inspired earlier era. She also reported that Havana's City Hall was very run down and in disrepair.

Of course, Havana is well known for being an early European settlement in the the new world and a gathering place for native peoples.

This excursion was totally unexpected and at the request of her traveling companion and man servant, Mr. Dale Maddox.

Apparently he 'had a hankerin' for some home cooked fruit pie. Havana, Illinois is also well know for its local farm cooking.

Ms. Moyer now expects to be home in time for the Jefferson Jackson dinner next week in Glen Burnie.

King of George


  1. Fitting for a socialist - Perhaps she should stay there as the Tea Party wants has a debt it wants to collect from all her spendthrift ways .

  2. Red Ellen is welcome back to Annapolis. We need some political show trials!!

  3. Please deliver us from this Socialist contagion infecting Annapolis. Pay as you go!

  4. Thank goodness we have a fiscal conservative in the Mayor's office.

  5. Dearest Readers:

    Havana Illinois is a noted centre of profligate spending and left wing politics. Holding the World's Largest Fish Fry and basketball contests involving donkeys cannot be cheap.

    Where do those fish and donkeys come from anyway? North Korea?

    King of George

  6. Hee, Hee, Hee, Haw,...


    Did you see where the Capital attacked Wacky Weikel today? It looks like we have the Newspaper and that funny guy Paul Foyer or whatever his name is with the attack blog firmly on our side now in this one horse town.

    Won't they be surprised when Doug Smith stays in office and we get to watch them all eat crow. That will teach them to try and fool with we who are in control in of Annapolis on things that matter like on Bar Hours, who gets to profit and who get to stay in business.

    Kirby is next.

  7. Dear Ward:

    Yes, it was a bully expose on the dangers of democracy.

    Weikel, Kirby, Finlayson, Purcell and Hoyle are all next since Moyer is been extracted from the body politic.

    King of George

  8. Ever descending levels of order are what is needed in Annapolis and those wanting to change things need to be expelled from the body politic like has been done with the former Mayor and her cronies.

    They are crying to get back in power but we shall rule for the next 4 years and link with our Tea Party brethren to further purge the system of the wasteful spendthrift ones.

    It is all about capital retention now and cash rules the roost. Those who would spend, spend, spend must be gotten rid of and there is much waste yet to be squeezed out from the current bloated system. Rampant nepotism and insider trading must be eliminated and I look forward to further government pruning in the coming months.