Sunday, April 18, 2010

Next: An MTA Take Over?


It's quite a bourgeois middle class idea, really. That if you pay for something you have some sort of say in managing it. And you expect the cash to prudently spent.

Apparently, the MTA, the state agency that funds most of our bus service at Annapolis Transit, has concerns about Herr Smith's new superior management system.

Herr Smith has directed that there shall be no bus maintenance. Why? Because the buses are new and do not require maintenance he thinks. Of course, he is correct. Anything mechanical does not need maintenance. Just run them until the engines seize.

Also, the city wants to eliminate linking Annapolis' system with other regional systems through BWI and the New Carrolton Metro Station. Always a bad idea, to create even more options for transit riders and increase ridership.

As reported here (No Mas Buses, 4 April), he has also been personally attacking Mr. Kwaku Duah, now running the Department after the departure of wunderkind Ms. Diane Matland. He felt physically threatened by Herr Smith for not giving him a PowerPoint in the correct form. Yes, PowerPoints are so much more important than buses.

So the whiny fussbudgets at MTA are concerned that the Smith Administration's bizzare practices are flawed. And we have to listen to them just because they and the Feds indirectly or directly fund approximately 80% of bus operations. And 100% of all new bus purchases. And run the largest bus system in the US.

To rub salt into the wound, the MTA has cut $1.5 million from our bus budget. Again. For the fifth year in a row. Since Herr Smith just fell off the truck from good managementville and fired Ms. Matland, the respected former director, he doesn't know that. Or how Mayor Moyer's administration filled that gap every year.

Could the MTA take over Annapolis Transit due to his mis-management? That seems to be more and more of a probability.

Nevertheless, we hope not. The residents of the Historic Core hate buses. Really. To our enclave they bring the riff raff from the outer wards and awaken us from our mid-day naps.

It's probably a political impossibility to kill the bus system outright. But, mis-manage it into the ground?


King of George


  1. It is shocking to believe we are going to lose our bus system because we have turned it over to Josh Cohen and Doug Smith.

    King - what is Josh's role in this mismanagement?

  2. Cohen's inxperience is not the issue. It's the mis-management of Smith. He is unqualified for the job and must be turned out.

    We need a real city manager!

  3. The the poor and lower classes ride the buses. Doug Smith is right to get rid of them.

    The market must decide what is right and wrong, not people!

  4. Yes more midday naps uninterrupted are a good thing.

  5. Ward:

    Yes, let's keep the masses out of the Core. They only sully it.

    King of George

  6. It is good the bus system is disappearing as well as those pesky socialist Department Heads always with the their hands out for monies from other government bureaucrats. In the end we the people always pay more and they lolly gag around waiting for the big pension payoff.

    No transportation is just fine with us - cut our taxes!

  7. Please lets get rid of the bus transportation system it is not necessary and only costs taxpayer monies somewhere along the line.

    Pay as you go - If the bus can't support itself at the fare box then why should we pay more ?

    We don't us it.