Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Burning $1.8 Million - A Dollar at a Time

Fellow Historics:

I am afraid Herr Smith's triumph of the will is striking close to the Historic Core now. And the King couldn't be happier.

On Fleet and Cornhill Streets, if there were to be a fire or other emergency, then city vehicles do not have access. Young Sir Francis Nicholson in the Stoddert Plan apparently did not anticipate our wide-load 21st Century vehicles. Streets too tough to negiotiate when you are 14 foot wide and 34 foot long.

It's America and the solution is obvious - widen the streets. So Ms. Moyer rightfully secured $1,800,000 in funding from dear Speaker Busch and his cohort to accomplish just such a task.

Nevertheless, Herr Smith has decided that the accomplishment of this activity must be pushed back. Years. Until 2014.

(Terrible to spend budgeted monies in the middle of a recssion. Really! Economic activity is so 20th Century.)

Thus he has decided that we can take chances with fire protection and other emergency services in this area. In the interests of social re-engineering.

I understand this. But only on those two streets filled with mean little working class homes of the arrivistes. They should burn.

King George, Prince George and a relatively few other streets should remain safe.

This would allow the King and his neighbors to establish a large private park in the former area of Fleet and Cornhill. A place to romp with our Pekingese or, if we delay trucks long enough during a fire, install a bully polo field. Open to us, not you.

Yes, Doug Smith is quite the urban planner. Better than any Transition Team Report.

Please take note Mr. Purcell.

King of George


  1. Yes, I am enjoying the rear view mirror view of the death throes (like a slow motion auto wreck) of the former Administration as it fades into the sunset.

    It shall not be long now until they don't have any more to say and become ever the more irrelevant.

    There is a new sheriff in town.

  2. Now Smith is going to be responsible for burning down the City. You guys are a scream. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were 9 year olds. Do you really think anyone believe the crap you put on here. From what I can see, it's King George talking to Purcell, via Weikel, and that's about it.

    JOSH COHEN IS MAYOR - It was in all the papers. NO ONE IS BUYING this idiotic attempt of yours to turn Smith into the bad guy and give Cohen a pass.

  3. Dearest Anon:

    Yes, Mr. Cohen is Mayor. But of what? His locked office?

    I, for one, am very pleased he has given Herr Smith a completely free hand. He is exactly what this citte needs. Less accountability, less services and a large wedge between them and us.

    It think we'll finally get our private park when the downtown burns.

    Yes, and Mr. Purcell is quite a ruffian himself. A Patapsco swiller in that upstart city to the north.

    King of George

  4. Dear Anon whomever you are (Paul, Jane, a FOP ???),

    Please do not link me to King of George as his views are too elite for me and Weikel has gone of the Democrat reservation and gone rogue from what I can tell.

  5. It's quite shocking.

    All the posters want to attack King of George, but don't want to deal with the facts and the inside dealing going on.

    I don't know what is worse, what Smith is pulling or that people don't give a flip.

  6. There are no inside dealings to deal with. And King George, how do you know that Cohen has given Smith a free hand. That's quite a presumption on your part. Why don't you just come to a City Council meeting and tell everyone that you believe the Mayor is not in control of the City. Perhaps it's because such fantasies will only fly here. Like I've said, no one is buying your attempt to smear Smith - not the City employees, not the Council, not the taxpayers. Just KG, Weikel and Purcell seem to find some enjoyment in this politically motivated attempt to engineer a lie.

  7. Dearest Anon:

    To actually beset myself in the world of local political sausage making? Really sir! How common.

    The King prefers smoke filled rooms, the peddling of influence and opaque process. That's part of the reason he so strongly supports Herr Smith and his coup meisters.

    No more need for those pesky elections. We elite can all now cut the pie up amongst ourselves.


    King of George

  8. It is really shocking what is going on in the city since Josh and Smith took over. Job losses, bungled finances and inept management. If even half the things here are correct, then there is gross incompetence in city hall.

    Heaven help us.

  9. ...waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  10. The gross incompetence took place during the Moyer years. That has been clearly documented. Didn't you hear Cohen during his first State of the City address say, "I inhereted a train wreck".

    Nice try at trying to blame Smith, but the City's financial mess is squarely on the shoulders of Ellen Moyer.

    This attempt to blame Cohen and Smith is so absurd that it's comical. Anon above must believe other people to be idiots to think anyone would believe such nonsense.

    Moyer's financial waste and mismanagement is indisputable.

    The above post sounds like a City employee or union member who'd delusional about the fact that the gravy train is over.

  11. Why do posters like the above deny city hall is out of control? Do they live on Mars?

  12. City Hall was out of control for 8 years. You have to be a complete idiot to not recognize that a $12 million deficit doesn't come out of nowhere in two months. Moyer had a $5 million deficit during her last term and lied about it. Geesh, anyone who can do basic math would recognize that Moyer's out of control spending and $4 million wasted on the Market House, plus millions more spent on other lawsuits and all kinds of crap is what got us here.

    Wake up!

  13. King:

    Why cannot you get the crazy Moyer haters off your blog? These people are flat earthers!

  14. The king needs to take control of his kingdom...

  15. Flat earthers? You folks are a scream. This is a joke right? No one can be delusional about Moyer, unless it's a joke.

    It's all a joke like the statue thing isn't it.

    Only someone completely detatched from reality and entirely unfamiliar with economic could be buying this load of crap about Cohen and Smith.

    I hope it's all a joke; otherwise, it's very scary...

  16. Dearest Anon:

    The king is highly bemused.

    Ms. Moyer is a cad. Actually she is worse than that. She is from Eastport.

    I cannot speak for the rest of the Flat Earth Society, but we meet on Tuesdays with a punch bowl in tow. If you are well bred, then we will consider letting you in.

    And our consideration might well last a few hundred years.

    King of George

  17. Vive Le Roi!

    Mort a La Port D'Est!

  18. WTF

    Have you all lost your minds?

    We all need a tea party here. Or a coffee klatch.

  19. Vive Glenn Beck!