Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cohen Lays Down the Law, One He Opposed

Dearest Historics:

As you know, the true elite of the Historic Core don't give a hoot about 2 am licenses.  We drink alone.  And at night.  We would certainly not be caught in the gins joints of the Ancient Citte.

So what if the new 2 am law passed?

Well, apparently some gears of citte government agree with the King and may not be fully engaged with the new law.  Let's see, could it be the Planning Commission, the Board of Appeals and the ABC Board?

Mayor Cohen thinks perhaps, maybe.  So much so he put his thoughts in writing. To the Chairs of the respective citte committees.  Click on the above.

The New Look at City Hall

Jon Arason, Director of Planning and Zoning, is in the cross hairs.  Some Council members are blaming him for foot dragging and obfuscation.  Mr. Arason, a long time citte employee and well liked personally, apparently is not that adept at reading the tea leaves.

This Council is activist and has more power than any Council in recent memory.  And he is on the bubble.

We're not sure where this is all heading.  The hold-ups on the new licenses appear to be real.  And the Mayor has now laid down the law.  Are there fireworks coming?

Join me at my estate for a cognac at 3 am and we can debate this noble topic.

King of George


  1. Ex parte ex schmarte we will do what we want downtown.

    How dare they!

  2. This letter seems to be written in the classic CYA format.I believe Our boy the Mayor is scared about a legal action.

  3. Me and My X dont PartyOctober 5, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    Secret friday lunches may have been a secret quid pro quo barter-fest. Anyone still have those pen-cam tapes ?

  4. The King said : "Last Friday's was held at Castlebay and shows just how absurd these luncheons have become. "

    Scandalous, simply scandalous.

  5. Damn the law. NO NEW 2 AMs!!!!

    We will pay whomever whatever to prevent it.

  6. Smith is blocking things behind the scenes.

  7. No beer and no dancing downtown !

  8. I thought the Executive branch of Gum't was supposed to enforce the law ??? Oh yeah, this is Annapolis and there is no consistency and all is politics to get even the simplest things done.

  9. Miron SternsteninblatzOctober 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Josh is doing the best he can given he level of competency. Please be patient with him. He is a man of limited capacity and has struggled his entire life to complete projects.