Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dust Settles. It's Saddam vs. Young Griz

Dearest Neighbors:

As we all know by now, the dust has finally settled and Chris Trumbauer squeaked by Chuck Ferrar.  Yet, Mr. Trumbauer is not yet in the clear.  He has to face the Monster of Monticello, Doug Burkhardt.

Mr. Burkhardt, with an eerie resemblance to Saddam Hussein, is best known in Annapolis for being Dick Israel's opponent in 2005.  Losing by a solid 60/40 margin.  His outlandish claims ("Hookers in Ward One!", "Hillman Garage Scandal!") largely fell on deaf ears as his highly charged campaign style turned-off many in the Historic Core.

So as a consolation prize he was then was appointed by Governor Ehrlich to run his "Smart Growth" office.  As a direct report to the then Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning Audrey Scott (mother of his campaign manager Larry Scott - see below, now Chair of the MD GOP), it was an office Ehrlich had no love for and wanted dead.  Mr. Burkhardt happily acquiesced and tried to kill it over the objections of the legislative branch that legally established it. 

Fred Shubbie's Facebook Pic.  Really.
His campaign is being run by our very own Fred Shubbie (a.k.a. Larry Scott, son of Audrey Scott - see above).  Fred-Larry is best known in Annapolis for his multiple-campaign train wreck in the 2005 municipal election.  Where he ran most of his candidates right into the ground.  His favorite technique was a comparative chart that distilled inaccuracies down to obvious propaganda. 

Let's recap: Mr. Burkhardt hires Fred-Larry to run his campaign.  He loses and gets hired into State Government at $90,000 a year to work for Audrey Scott.  Then he hires Fred-Larry Scott to run his next campaign.  With significant support from the MD GOP - Audrey Scott, Chair.   Hummm.

Nevertheless of his internal conflicts, we're anticipating a campaign filled with invective, misrepresentation and general malaise from them.  It's their play book.

Thus Chris Trumbauer, who resembles a young Grizzly Adams, has his work cut out for him.  Or should we say his backers, the people doing the work.

Mayor Cohen, Kathy Nieberding, Doug Gansler and MSEA all will have to pull out the stops.  Irrespective of their own weaknesses, they are starting in a strong position with Team 30 out to a strong start.  Governor O'Malley's effort within the city is being run independent way with heavy support from old time Eastport Dems and their hanger-ons.  This will also pull votes Mr. Trumbauer's way.

It will probably require not a huge but a significant cross over vote from Democrats in order for Burkhardt to win.  It's unlikely that Doug and Fred-Larry can make this happen with their insipid and angry campaign style.

Honey catches more voters than vinegar.

King of George


  1. King, are you suggesting you are with Josh and Trumbauer ?

  2. Dearest Ms. Monterey:

    The King only supports those who support the elite of the Historic Core.

    I am not sure where either Mssr. Burkhardt or Trumbauer sit on that.

    King of George

  3. Dearest King,

    Isn't Murray Hill in the Annapolis downtown ?

  4. Sir!

    What an affront to the elite of the Core.

    Mais non!

    Monticellans might as well be Martians to us.

    King of George