Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Foer: KOG is Taliban!

Deraest Readers:

The King of George Victims Centre is again open for business.  In this case the complainant is our own M. Paul Foer.  Local hate blogger, Capital columnist and shock jock.

You see, he has decided once again that he, Sir Paul, is the ultimate arbiter of truth and justice in the Ancient Citte.  Courtesy of the miracle of forwarded emails (that are making the rounds), the King has learned of his latest inquisition against businesses and the body politic.

Recently, M. Foer (pronounced: ˈfi-(y)ā ) sent the following inquisitive missive to one Mr. Craig Purcell, AIA; native Annapolitan, Annapolis Political Scene blogger and noted Baltimore architect:

"Mr Purcell   Please explain your business relationship with Lehr Jackson and Gone to Market. This is an important item that you should have disclosed considering that you were on the Mayor's Transition Team and also that you are frequently writing about the Market House." 

Perhaps rightly, Mr. Purcell felt that he owed no private business information to M. Foer and responded the same.  Yet M. Foer persisted, now with personal innuendo:

"I am well aware of your opinions about me and your many false assumptions and accusations, but that is not my concern. You use your blog to defame me and others on a regular basis, but my question here is straightforward--what is your business relationship with Lehr Jackson and Gone to Market LLC? Thank you."

Once again, Mr. Purcell resisted the affronts of the hate blogger / Capital columnist.  And, again, Mr. Foer persisted:

"While you continue to question my motives and attack me personally, you refuse to answer a legitimate question posed to you, but you can see that what I am doing is part of the normative news gathering process, something which is apparently foreign to you. You have been given repeated chances to answer the question, and as a community activist and blogger, you should certainly make any apparent conflicts of interest known."

"The normative news gathering process".  Huh? 

Even the King is baffled.

At that comic interchange Mr. Purcell relented.  And gave M. Foer what he wanted.  That there is no business relationship between himself or his firm with Mr. Jackson or Gone to Market LLC.

But, as you guessed.  It wasn't enough for M. Foer:

"You've had plenty of opportunities to talk with me but instead you have resorted to attacking me personally, insulting me, accusing me of all kinds of misconduct (all of which was actually things in which you engaged--it's called projection) and questioning my motives, suggesting I am somehow "on the take"...and it gets worse. And you expect I should become transparent with you? I already am transparent."

Yes, transparent.  Transparent banner ads for support, transparent fee-for-politics events, transparent employment by The Capital and WNAV.

Like mud.

Nevertheless, M. Foer had one last rub for dear Mr. Purcell and the other bloggers of Annapolis.  Starting, for dramatic effect:

"I don't make deals with terrorists."

Gen. Ariel Sharon, IDF, standing at the gates of Beirut in 1982 couldn't have said it better. 

So M. Foer continued:

"Regarding your imagined conspiracies, I will again say there is nothing of the sort going on. The fact that you and your colleague[sic] spend so much time and energy writing and worrying and complaining and attacking me, and everyone else you attack, is absurd."

So, Annapolis Political Scene, Eye on Annapolis, The Annapolis Sound and yours truly will now make the TSA "No Fly" list?  Are we doomed to spend the rest of our days in a cave in Tora Bora with you-know-who?  And only a 12kbs dial-up modem to Karachi?


I, sire, for one am no terrorist.  I remain loyal to God, Queen and Country.  Even if its not the same ones you adore.  And you shall pry the Historic Core out of my cold dead hands. 

(That is a bit much, eh?  But M. Foer has me rattled!)

But there is good news for M. Foer in this cloud of gloom and doom.  After receiving its first client, a Ms. Charlotte Weinstein, the KOG Victims Centre is open for M. Foer himself.

We have tea with crumpets and counselors so you can talk-therapy your way back to mental peace.  Undeterred by fears of terror attacks on Boucher Ave. (or should that be Severna Park?). 

But please remain calm.


King of George


  1. Foer flips out!

    Good job Craig. You've shown Foer at his most psychotic.

  2. Where does Foer live ? Is he still with his wife and children or has he dissolved his nuclear family ? Perhaps this information could allow us some insight into Foer's psyche and allow us to be ....well feel sorry for him and give him a hug.

  3. Man, does he have a chip on his shoulder or what? We can all hope for the day when he devotes his interest, bile and rhetoric to Severna Park, Glen Burnie and Pasadena.

  4. Foer must be transparent. In the normative news gathering process I demand that he disclose the address where he is domiciled with his "girlfriend" in Severna Park. I demand to know what type of business relationship he has with her. Of course it is all in the normative news gathering process.

  5. Foer is the genius of the local multimedia empire and all are jealous of his king making capabilities and fear his shadow.

  6. Foer is King! All must kiss his arse.

  7. This type of personal attack is beneath contempt and not worthy of a response. However, as you all know I am a man who must have the last word, and I can no longer tolerate this type of cowardly ridicule. If you people have any substance whatsoever you will use your real names--as I always do-- and stop hiding in the shadows of your own self-loathing.

  8. I am the head ding bat of all ding bats!

    All hail me!!!

  9. Why is Foer and the Capital protecting Smith for his non performance on the Markethouse ?

  10. They are Republicans.

  11. Does this tool's ego know no bounds? His employer from way back asked him to write up a few pages in a pamplet and now he is a noted author and having a book signing?????


    And what the hell is the Mayor doing in California? Looking for an arrest record for the Public Works guy