Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(Fill In This Blank) !!!!!

Fellow Historics:

It's been going on for millennia. Damn it!

The sun heats the frothy Atlantic waters south of Bermuda and north of the Caribbean Basin. This, in turn, creates a huge hot and humid air mass.

Which expands. And, in the process of expanding, air molecules move.

Due to the force discovered in 1835 by Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, a free body in motion in the northern hemisphere bends to the right. Thus a gigantic clockwise flow of hot and humid air is created that ducts this air right over Annapolis. All summer long. Until the Atlantic cools in the late summer.

Human life in the Ancient Citte tends to retrograde during this period. People move to Maine. Or sit on their boats and cuss. Or try to relieve pain in the gin joints of Eastport. And all our local controversies and hatreds have been put on hold for a while.

Even young Mayor Cohen escaped to Chincoteague Island with his daughters last weekend. Hoping to find relief amongst the frolicking ponies.

So. Not much to report here.

The best the King could come up with is:

Chuck Walsh to direct economic development!!! Yes, its true dear readers. Uber mensch yet enemy-to-all Chuck Walsh is to be named the Director of Economic Development. Of Sorts. Famous for litigating FCC issues in the '90s, zzzzzzz.....

CCRABL report to endorse 2 am licenses!!! Yes, dear readers, the vaunted CCRABL Committee, run as virtual slave state to the interests of Ward One, will endorse 2 am licenses. In another 3 weeks. zzzzzzz.....

Alderman to save children from drowning!!! Yes, friends, Alderman Kenneth A. Kirby has been promoted to a much higher station: life guard at the the Harbor House pool. This position, which actually requires skills and certifications while paying more than being Alderman, will test him in a way Alderman has not. zzzzzz....

Oh my.

Maybe The Capital can do a better job than I. They are good in the fact creation department. Or bring Mr. Foer on stage. He has left his integrity by the door. A long time ago.

Yes, summer is here.

Ho hum.

King of George


  1. I will be going to Maine after the 4th and will return in early September. Let us hope the liquor interests do not take over the town while the good people of Annapolis escape the insufferable heat.

  2. Help save the water plant..everyone in Annapolis leave town.

  3. Drill your own well for water and secede from Annapolis - De-annex now - We the People are a lot better on our own than being linked to this den of political vipers creating debt with more gov't waste while the fat and happy bureaucracy pick our pockets.

  4. The city water plant is in the county. Go get your own water yuppy scum and drink the water from the harbor.

  5. Crime | Government | Medical marijuana | Education | Prop 8 | Traffic | Westside
    L.A. NOW
    Southern California -- this just in

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    Maywood to lay off all city employees, dismantle Police Department
    June 22, 2010 | 10:13 am

    The city of Maywood will lay off all city employees and begin contracting police services with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department effective July 1, officials said.

    In addition to contracting with the Sheriff's Department, the Maywood City Council voted unanimously Monday night to lay off an estimated 100 employees and contract with neighboring Bell, which will handle other city services such as finance, records management, parks and recreation, street maintenance and others. Maywood will be billed about $50,833 monthly, which officials said will save $164,375 annually.

    "We will become 100% a contracted city," said Angela Spaccia, Maywood's interim city manager.

    Deputies from the East Los Angeles Sheriff's Station will begin patrolling the 1.2-square-mile city by the end of the month, said Capt. Bruce Fogarty of the Sheriff's Contract Law Enforcement Bureau. The annual cost of providing those services for the small city is estimated at $3.6 million, Fogarty said.

    At a council meeting Monday night, city leaders said they were forced to dismantle the Police Department and lay off city workers because they lost insurance coverage as a result of excessive police claims filed against the department. They also blamed years of financial abuse and corruption from the previous council.
    "We're limited on our choices and limited on what we can do," Councilman Felipe Aguirre told the standing- room-only crowd.

    Frustrated and enraged residents blame the council for the city's predicament, and for not following an insurance agency's recommendations, which council members had agreed to last August. The recommendations included hiring a permanent city manager.

    Some suggested that city leaders should step down.

    "You guys had the power to change it and you didn't," said City Treasurer Lizeth Sandoval, 28, who addressed the council as a resident. "You single-handedly destroyed the city."

    Sandoval, a city employee, will be laid off as part of the cuts.

    Local activists, who refer to themselves as "A Group for a Better Maywood," announced their intention to recall four of the council members: Felipe Aguirre, Edward Varela, Vice Mayor Veronica Guardado and Mayor Ana Rosa Rizo. The same group sought a similar recall in 2008 and failed.

    -- Ruben Vives

  6. Dearest Readers:

    Bully for Maywood! Finally some fresh thinking in the Ancient Citte - Swelter.

    King of George