Monday, June 14, 2010

We All Live in Fear

Fellow Historics:

Yes, the King abhors violence.

There was Uncle Louie, Grandpa Charles and Cousin Peter. All who lost their heads to the mob.

Therefore he supports Alderman Kirby's attempts to stem the swell of violence in the citte. See the above scan. Circulated in neighborhoods today.

You see, there has been a spate of violence of late. And, with the police cut backs, we're not sure there is adequate APD protection.

Two years ago, with the police force reeling from having six more officers than it has today, APD was unable to check the force of the criminals as they surged through our community. In Eastport they said they 'live in fear'. In Ward One, even Herr Smith was a purported victim. Burgled mid air (see: Levitating Burgler to Return? April 16).

So, with 6 less officers than at the height of the crime spree two years ago, we are certainly in for a long hot summer.

Eastporters who 'live in fear' are presumably enroute Montana.

Or so we hope.

King of George


  1. Police cutbacks?!

    WTF? Does anyone know what could happen to all of us this summer?

  2. Thanks KOG for talking about the fear we all feel!

  3. Maybe Cohen can release the cop that babysits him all day to do some real cop work. Like stopping crime or guarding the city's safe--Doh!!

  4. What do we need cops for? We can just arm ourselves with open carry sidearms to protect ourselves. The government needs to provide us some shooting ranges so we can improve our aim.

  5. Dearest Tommy:

    The King has always supported militias. Especially those he controls.

    King of George

  6. Is the "K 6" a clever parallel to "King George", dear sir?