Monday, June 21, 2010

Moyer to Fire First Shot

Dear Hearts:

The long awaited Royale Rumble is finally set to begin. Or, more accurately, the first shots are soon to be fired.

You see, Citizen Moyer doesn't like it. Doesn't like it one bit. And she is sharpening her pen.

The gutting of environmental programs. Dis-information on the budget. Mangling of transportation programs.

So she is preparing the first shot, a broadside to The Capital.

Unfortunately for her, it's not clear they will even print it. You see, it does not fit with their story line. When writing fiction, facts become so pesky.

And, of course, we are entering the summer doldrums. When the air is stagnant and its 100 degrees it's hard to stir enthusiasm for anything in the Historic Core other than a cold shower.

God speed Ellen. You'll need it.

King of George


  1. Given that Ms. Moyer is as popular as a herd of chiggers in one's pantaloons on a muggy summer's day, I suspect it won't matter much one way or another.

  2. Why don't you print it. Then, we can all have a laugh at her attempt to rewrite history.

    Our water plant is about to explode, but Moyer spends $26 million on a rec center. I'd love to hear her explanation regarding that bit of stupidity.

  3. Cohen's gotta fix it. He can't do anything.

  4. Stop Talking about Josh, he is doing the best he can. Please remember he is a young boy with a problem staying on task.