Tuesday, June 8, 2010

King of George Sells Out

Dearest Friends:

"War is a continuation of diplomacy using other means." Carl von Clausewitz, Über den Krieg

"And politics is a continuation of commerce using other means." King of George

Yes, the King can be bought.

Exactly two weeks ago the King was approached by an elected official. This blog was ruffling feathers. Giving people the hot seat. Making them uncomfortable. And right before the big budget vote.

So the King was approached. Would he consider a two week hiatus? Leave us alone? Back off?

Why, yes! The King is always open for business.

In return, the King got something he really, really wanted. Non-pecuniary. But very important to the King nonetheless.

So a deal was struck, the budget was passed and 14 days of peace was granted by the King. In his beneficence.

But now the egg timer has sounded. And the King has returned. Just a little bit better off.

King of George


  1. The writer of this blog has an immensely inflated sense of his own importance.

    His silence is derived more from an inability to defend the indefensable.

    At a certain point, no one could deny that Moyer, et. al. were the architects of the fiscal mess currently being experienced by the City.

    KOG tried to suggest this wasn't the case. The evidence of Moyer's malfeasance became overwhelming, so KOG went silent.

  2. The Kings silence was bought off ?

  3. Clearly the King was taking time off to compile stories about the ridiculous tales of failures Of Josh the runner-up turned simpleton mayor. Stay tuned for his insights on the Mears Marina pow-wow and hob-knob.

  4. You were missed, dear Geo.

  5. Funny how when the light of truth shines on those who have been lying, they go and hide under a rock. So it was with KOG. It's truly the most cowardly of acts. KOG and/or Weikel were exposed, so just like common cock roaches, they had to run and hide when the lights came on.

  6. Paul ( Not afraid to expose myself to all, including your children) FoerJune 14, 2010 at 7:08 PM

    Anonymous, expose your name to the light of day you cowardly coward. You take your pot shots from the protection of a veil of internet anonymity and only I and others like me are strong and brave and worthy of consideration. Take off the cloak of darkness and expose us to your real identity you coward, or you will not be taken into account.

    Paul Foer

  7. Dearest Readers:

    Yes, the King is much more important than you, the common people, since you are my social inferiors.

    And who is this Weikel character of whom you continually speak? Certainly sounds like a fraud and a cad.

    Pillory him! Bully!

    King of George

  8. http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2010/06/14/city-of-annapolis-victim-of-150k-theft/

  9. Weikel must feel like a fool, or think everyone else is a fool to post things like "who is this Weikel character". Doesn't Weikel know who he is?

  10. Dearest Reader:

    Yes, Mr. Weikel is a resident of the Core. Yet he thrives with in that bourgeois slum of the Gloucester Mews. I try to pretend he no longer exists. But the rabble continues to wave his flag in my face.

    What is he? A Democrat and a democrat? The worst of both worlds!

    I reject all such poseurs. Including those of you across the bridge.

    King of George