Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New CAO To Be Named Tomorrow

Fellow Travelers:

Tomorrow afternoon, ta-da, the new CAO is to be named at a press conference in City Hall by Mayor Josh Cohen.

The King knows who it is, but has been sworn to secrecy. Nevertheless, that has never meant anything to him.

After all, he is the King.

So here are some names to consider. You narrow down the list:

Former CAO Bob Agee - Brought back from retirement, good old Bob could fill the shoes any day. After all, he has more experience than anyone in government with the Markethouse, the APD Headquarters and the city budget. That should certainly get him the job.

Former Alderman Julie Stankivic - Yes, the Ancient Citte's theatre of the absurd would do well with the Egyptian Queen at centre stage again. With a new lease on political life, she could chase honking taxis around town and give away city services to the county. Just like she always wanted to.

Present CAO Doug Smith - Herr Smith isn't leaving his office, damn it. He will work for free if he has to. And he most definitely will have to. Meet the new CAO, same as the old CAO.

Blogger Paul Foer - Self anointed transportation expert, Mr. Foer has never met a government service he liked. So why settle for him destroying just the Transportation Department? He could trash the entire house of cards. And then tell us why it was everyone else's fault in his blog.

Former Insider & Swabbie Dale Maddox - Ellen Moyer's confidant, power broker and man about town, Mr. Maddox has repeatedly stated he "could do a better job than all those clowns combined". One thing is for sure, Cranky Dale would give Alderman Arnett a run for his money in the 'should not be in government' category.

There are other worthy candidates, to be sure. But remember, the quality we need the most from our new CAO:


King of George


  1. Oh King, you forgot one...Ellen Moyer herself she knows how to balance a budget and fix the water plant.

  2. Dearest Anon:

    Yes, perhaps Citizen Moyer is good for another turn around the track. This time as an appointee.

    Another late entry - Capital Publisher Tom Marquart. One way to get good press is to put them in charge. After all, they have all the answers.

    King of George

  3. Fred Shubbie©™®June 23, 2010 at 8:36 PM

    I am willing to let the truth out. The new COA is GOMER PYLE!!!!

  4. Dearest Mr. Shubbie:

    Are you truly trademarked, registered and copy righted? If so, then we can figure who you really are.

    If not, then heck. We'll send over Mr. Maddox for a jousting!

    Maryland State Champ. '63.

    King of George

  5. Gomer Pyle, USMCJune 23, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    Get Shubbie off my back!!!!

  6. Fred Shubbie©™®June 23, 2010 at 9:55 PM

    My friends, I would like each and every one of you to know that I, Fred Shubbie®™© am/are/was/ will be a real entity capable of out-thinking anyone in the entire city of Annapolis. My prophecies precede me ( is that a mind-boggling concept or what? ) and my accuracy is legendary.

    My friends, Cohen is screwed and he is screwing simultaneoulsy. He has sworn on his honor NOT to raise your taxes and he claims to have delivered in his promise. But his claims will either turn the city into a welfare-state ( or is it a welfare-society) or leave you without water to drink. Since most of you already can't/won't drink the water processed by a disease water plant held together with duct tape and run by hermits, please consider the paint on the Volvo you still owe 32 months of payment on or the vegetables you wash that you buy with your credit card from whole foods, Rumour has it this water will slowly destroy Annapolis and kill your children and your lawns . It is time for a revolution my friends, it is time to oust the City government that failed to fire the loser responsible for the loss of $150K. Aunt Bea, and Momma Sandy are sick and tired of letting Cohen cry himself asleep on their shoulders.

  7. Dearest Fred (may I call you that?):

    I live in the Historic Core. Therefore, I do not have a lawn. I have ground cover. So your concerns about water do not effect me.

    So, do you accept my challenge for a joust with Mr. Maddox? '63?

    King of George

  8. Fred Shubbie ®™©June 23, 2010 at 10:29 PM

    King G,

    we are sorry to hear that your are not able to achieve a perfect lawn and/or ( I like the slash) simply not in possession of a freehold of the magnitude of yours truly. We are ,however, very happy to know that the imminent water crisis will not affect you. Certainly, Cohen feels he can sidestep it as well.

    A joust ? Does that involve straddling a hairy beast ? Is Maddox so inclined ?

    My concern is not Jousting, my concern is OUSTING !!!!

  9. Fred Shubbie ®™©June 23, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    My Friends, given the unilateral appointment of a man of superior intellect and ability to that of our current boy mayor, Josh has been reduce to head bottle washer, ribbon cutter, and non-smiling, pen fondling, full-windsor wearing talking head in search of an idea on which to get an idea.

  10. Mr. Schubbly (since you won't let me call you Fred):

    You seem to have a distaste for answering questions. Mr. Maddox, '63, has directly challenged you to a joust.

    Do you deny him?

    King of George

  11. These political confusions may be very amusing to those Barbarians living out in the County but know that we, the civilized ones, see it much differently.

    We are fighting for a quality of life inside the walls which those Visigoths out in the County can only imagine as they stew in traffic under the hot summer sun waiting to get to their next parking lot lined with their junk architecture and measly plantings.

    Dearest KOG -- I may be forced to leave for Maine early as it has become so dreadfully and unseasonably hot and my gouty leg has begun acting up. Please don't these Proles inside the walls while I am away on extended and early vacation and definitely don't let them pass that dreadful liquor legislation which will only bring more of them here to swill.

    This fellow Shubbie® seems to envy our way of life, freedoms, public discourse and democracy. Perhaps he should fold up those little blue tarps covering hist trcuks and bots in the front yard and put all in storage and find a nice little home in outer Eastport to occupy.

  12. Can the Mayor really appoint a new CAO? I don't recall him creating an "idea team" to come up with some names. Josh never does anything without a group of people telling him it is ok.

  13. Shubbie's representative, Esq.June 24, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    Public intercourse is fine, I speak directly only through/to my representatives. Mr. Shubbie has a home in both the county, the city, MRE, and the great state of Maine. In the event of the forthcoming water crisis and federal take-over of the City of Annapolis, headed by an also-ran, Mr Shubbie is prepared to burn down his Annapols Estate rather than sell his vast empire to non-native parasitic neandrethals.

  14. Will the Real Fred Shubbie ™ please step forward.