Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Annapolis: No Trials Necessary!

Dearest Historics:

We all love a good crime drama. Poe's The Purloined Letter comes to mind. So the speculation in the Ancient Citte is rife. Who got the goods?

It really wasn't much of a heist as heists go. $150,000 mainly in non-negotiable checks and only $4,000 in cash. Not enough for a good party in Baden Baden. The G-5 leases out at $25,000 an hour. Couldn't get to Europa on that amount.

Nevertheless, I suppose it is really the sport of it all. So, with the Bermuda high in full clockwise flow and summer swelter in bloom, it would be good to reprise the betting on the culprit.

Most acknowledge it was an inside job. Someone with at least a passing understanding of the processes and procedures at City Hall. So, barring contractors or other outsiders working in the Finance space, the King would place bets on three individuals:

CAO Doug Smith. Yes, Herr Smith has a track record of strange pecuniary occurrences surrounding him. Budgets that were in balance that are suddenly not. Including, most recently, the odd case of his purported burglary (see: Levitating Burglar to Return?, April 16). Some in APD still doubt the veracity of his tale surrounding these events.

Finance Director Tim Elliot. Mr. Elliot has been around City Hall a long time. He has been a cohort of Herr Smith in distorting the realities of the budget. He certainly has the access required to get into the safe. Plus his rumoured gambling gives him a purported motive (see: Of Money, Epsom and Annapolis, April 3).

The City Council. This is an especially suspicious group. Some of them are always ready to embrace wacked out financial schemes involving the tax payer's monies. It's possible any one of them did it. After all, they only get paid $12,000 a year.

Chief Pristoop says they have some suspects but will not name them. Too bad, we have never needed trials in Annapolis.

They just slow down the fun.

King of George

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  1. Downtown JamesBrownJune 21, 2010 at 3:31 AM

    You ripped off Eric Hartley's idea which was ripped off from Fred Shubbie®ç™. All great ideas come from Fred Shubbieç®™