Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer's Over & Aldermen Attack

Mes Amis:

The summer is almost over and our minds have begun to clarify.

But not completely. Enough latent heat still exists to create some residual fireworks.

This afternoon things got a little hot in the Ancient Citte before the big Trumbauer - Ferrar slugfest. You see most of the Council was at a reception for volunteers of the Boards and Commissions. And words were exchanged about Josh's attack mailing against Chuck Ferrar.


Can you match the hot-head with their comment?

A. "Josh, I have disdain for your mailing."
B. "It was hateful and wrong. You are the Mayor!"
C. "It's OK Mr. Mayor. I'll take care of you."
D. (Snickers)
E. (Silence)

1. Alderman Ross Arnett
2. Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson
3. Alderman Kenny Kirby
4. City Attorney Karen Hardwick
5. Mayor Josh Cohen

If you matched in sequence (A-1, B-2, etc...), then you are correct!

Come by my polo pony's stable at Clagett Farms to collect your prize.

King of George


  1. Hateful? What was hateful about it?

  2. Dearest Anon:

    Who knows? Aldermen get irrational this time of year.

    King of George

  3. Bug EndaWindowsillAugust 30, 2010 at 8:43 PM

    E) forms an ad hoc committee before formulating a no-reply reply via Phill McGowan.

  4. Cohen has long coat tails and Trumbauer will win easily as everyone backs a strong environment.

  5. Leave off Cohen - He is too easy a target - like bow shooting carp in spring.

    What is Smith doing these days ? I hear he is doing something on the Markethouse -- what I don't know... certainly not worth the six figure tab they are paying him. Maybe he is just there to keep Ward One quiet - and quiet they have been.

  6. Earth to the 9:18 poster. Either identify yourself as Cohen's mother or plead insanity

  7. Please leave Joshy and me alone.