Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poll Tax Back: Foer Profits!

Dearest Readers:

The big Ferrar - Trumbauer - Burkhardt debate occurred last night. And the winner was: Paul Foer.

Yes, Mr. Foer made a bundle last night. At least 200 paid $15 to hear a debate of public candidates. That's at least $3,000. For the privilege of hearing public candidates debate public issues.

Observers saw him running around with pockets stuffed with cash. Hitting on everyone who entered for money. With no receipts or accounting.

Will there be a public disclosure of how the monies were spent?


What share will Mr. Marquardt claim of it?

We don't know.

Will he finally clean up his legal problems with the Comptroller's office now that he has money?

Probably not.

Mr. Foer was well known for fashioning his blogging around those who paid him last fall during the citte elections. Those who paid, they got a pass. Those who didn't, they got excoriated.

Mr. Foer has certainly brought traditional pay-to-play politics to a new low level:

His own.

King of George


  1. pay as you go takes on new meaning...


  2. I was there and you are absolutely correct and on point KOG. But, there were NOT 200 people. There were maybe 80 at one time before Finlayson, Hoyle and a bunch of others sneaked out the back door.

    Paul was relentless at the door and no one got in without ponying up the mandatory $15 cover charge. He even charged his own sister and brother in law up from Miami.

    But that rascal felon Tony McConkey sneaked in during the last bit to hob nob and schmooze and Paul missed hitting him up for the money. No doubt there is a bill in the mail.

    But still $15 at 80 people is $1200 tax free dollars in cold hard cash! Not deductible as a contribution.

    And let's not think that he had to pay for any of the nibbles at the bar. The place and the food were comped (confirmed) if he could insure 20 people!

    Well played Foer, well played.

  3. No one that mattered was there.

  4. Maybe he splits the gate with Marquardt...

  5. I assume all the Politicians are reporting their expenditures to buy the goodwill of a Capital columnist. Heaven forbid your check bounces as there will be hell to pay in the Capital Editorial Department.

  6. The Capital and Foer and KOG are on a mission against Trumbower. Foer trashes him in today's column.


  7. Foer is a hired gun of the Landmark Conservatives from Norfolk.