Monday, August 30, 2010

Trumbauer's Faked Foto

Dearest Readers:

Chris Trumbauer doesn't need Photoshop. He has the Mayor. Who will trade just about anything to get the right people in the shot.

If you see Cohen and Trumbauer with a camera - run.

King of George


  1. So the photo actually isn't faked?

  2. Chris is a friend to black people. He is down with the brown. But I don't want a white guy to play the role of master, I want a black man in the county council District 6.

  3. We get it. The King dislike-th Trumbauer because he's tied to Josh.

    What I don't get is why Ferrar is such a great choice. He's definitely played a lot of Jedi mind tricks with some (snagging public employee endorsements while proposing draconian pension changes for public employees; giving money to Andy Harris and claiming he is a lifelong Democrat).

    Watching the City of Annapolis Family Feud between the Cohenites and the anti-Cohenistas is kind of funny. Chris doesn't get a fair shake because of it; Chuck gets a lot of love he doesn't deserve.

    Maybe at some point people will realize that 50% of the Democratic primary electorate actually lives outside the City of Annapolis lines, and that's likely where this election will be decided.

  4. there are no longer any Joshites in Annapolis. They have all realized he lacks the ability to take a comprehensive look at the city budget and he has no viable longterm plan to reduce the cost of government, keep taxes and fees as they are, and improve the quality of life for all Annapolitans. Josh is despised by everyone but his immediate family and their small group of associates.

  5. Dearest Ruth & Anon:

    The term of art the King prefers is "Cohenista". Although you are welcome to continue to use whatever form of address you like.

    King of George

  6. If Chris Trumbauer gets elected, you better hold on to your wallet because he never saw a tax, a fee, or a surcharge he didn’t like.

    If elected Chris Trumbauer intends to hit you with 10 new taxes we can all do without:


    2. Stormwater Utility Fee

    3. Septic Tank Fee

    4. Bottle Fee

    5. Plastic Bag Tax

    6. Lawn Care Penalty Surcharge

    7. Impervious Surface Surcharge on Roofs, Driveways, Garages, Sheds, Patios, Pools, and Your House

    8. Carbon Tax

    9. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fee

    10. Impact Fees to Penalize New Housing Sales

    * These taxes will cost each taxpayer thousands of dollars a year!

    It’s time for government to GET THEIR HAND OUT OF OUR POCKETS!

    Give us all a break! No new taxes!

    Don’t TAX my toilet!

    Don’t TAX my grass!

    Don’t TAX me more every time I buy something at the grocery store!

    Don’t TAX me more for owning a house and a car!

    Don’t TAX me more for heating, cooling & lighting my house!

    Don’t TAX me more for the air I breathe.

    We need to grow our economy, create jobs, and stop with all the taxes that only grow the government on the backs of the small business, property owners, consumers, and people on fixed incomes.

    I'm voting for Chuck Ferrar!

  7. Dearest Anon:

    Although the King disagrees with Mr. Trumbauer, he does like taxes. So I say tax away!

    I avoid them all anyway.

    King of George