Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wingnuts Invade City Hall. Again.

Fellow Historics:

Last Thursday night all the usual suspects were out. Crazy as ever.

Of course the King likes a few court jesters. It lubricates the proceedings and makes clear to all that, yes indeed, the Ancient Citte is a weird and wonderful place.

So over the bridge from Eatsport and beyond they came. Led by former delegate & perpetual candidate Herb McMillian and treacherous Trudy McFall. Beyond city government, environmental programs and finances in general. They know 'fiscal responsibility' .

Yes, of course.

So let's review their own curriculum vitae.

Mr. McMillian turns out to be the one rumored to have 'fiscal responsibility' in spreading $12,000 around the African American community. One wonders if Republican campaign contributors really know how their monies are being spent. Unfortunately for Mr. McMillian, the person spreading the rumor is the the person on the other end of his phone call. So not much deny ability there.

One wonders if the local Republican ranks have been so decimated that there is no one left to act as bag man. Our own version of disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich. Spreading the cash around personally. With no insulation from prosecutors or others who might not want potential elected officials performing payoffs.

Bully for Mr. McMillian!

The other person of 'fiscal responsibility' is treacherous Trudy McFall. Yes, the same Trudy McFall who The Washington Post Reported a few years back spiffed over $300,000 in public monies to a friend. While she was issuing public housing bonds for the State of Maryland. With our monies. [Goto].

Of course dear Trudy took monies from out of state for her run for mayor and then spread money around town like a drunken St. Johnnie in a sad attempt to try to curry favor. [Mr. McMillian - learning anything?] And, while chair of HACA, they failed the HUD inspection. Especially the financial components. And she was forced to resign.


Seems like the crew to take advice on 'fiscal responsibility' from.

King of George


  1. All is good dear King. The more term financing debt the better as it shall force the hand of the young Mayor as there soon shall be nothing left but draconian layoffs. The more debt the more inevitable. I don't know what all are complaining is about ... let the train wreck happen, only then will there be real change. Even better that those that voted for more debt do not even realize that they sealed their fate and the fate of the working class.

  2. Is it true Candidate McVillain has stopped slapping his wife & kids around? I heard a nasty rumor that he likes to tee 'em up when the rough get a little too deep.

  3. The mayor will be forced to borrow more and more and more until he will have no choice left but to raise 'fees' to market levels. Then the masses will be aware of the shell game the boy has been playing and they will all wish Zina was at the helm instead of the chosen one. The boy will be humiliated and wish he was able to get work in the real world.

  4. Republicans fund suppression while Democrats distribute walk around money on election day -- what's the big dif ?

    Call in the Independent Council...

  5. Dear KOG
    Were you too busy polishing your sabre to hear the overwhelming diatribe against the boy-mayor? Even ADCC member Tony Evans pulled no punches with the Mayor's ridiculous plan to raise the debt ceiling(btw, didn't he vote to annoint the boy-mayor? do I hear the sound of retreat?). See for yourself on COA-TV (city website) the comments from the public and the council-pandemonium as they chewed out the boy-mayor. But politics-as-usual is an addicting opiate and the Finlayson-Hoyle-Kirby-Cohen cabal is sufficiently tangled in it's underwear that only a bankruptcy attorney will be able to undo the knots. With $16MM new dollars to fondle - and $11MM of it to be paid back by Dec 31, 2010 - this will be great sport to watch.

  6. Check the Chancellor of the Exchequer's personal account... Call in the Independent Council..

  7. Whither Mr. Elliott?

  8. It is said that a forest grows back better after a forest fire.

    Annapolis is burning!