Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cohen's Kid's Amateur Tricks

Dearest Historics:

The King loves a sophisticated political trick or two. Like the time dear Liz tricked cousin Mary back to Scotland in 1561. And then, somehow, she lost her head.


But, as political tricks go, it has been amateur hour lately. Especially in County Council District 6, where the grizzled veteran and General George S. Patton look-alike Chuck Ferrar is battling Cohen clone Chris Trumbauer (see: Josh's Kids vs. the Veteran, 23 July).

Normally ho hum, what makes this race so note worthy is the personal role being played by Mayor Cohen himself. Exhibit A - the above scans - a letter to the King from the Mayor. He has unwisely decided to put significant portions of his political capital at risk. If Trumbauer loses, then Cohen's political clout will be minuscule.

Given the high schoolish antics of Mssr. Cohen and Trumbauer, that is seemingly more likely than ever:

-- Pictures with Chris. At least one elected official was asked by the Mayor to stop by for the announcement of Trumbauer's candidacy. So he did. And snap. A photo was taken.

Next thing he saw was his face in Trumbauer literature. With others who were there for the announcement but had not made the decision to support Trumbauer.

Then last week, apparently, the Trumbauer campaign announced that he had endorsed him. When, in fact, he had endorsed Chuck Ferrar. Hate blogger Paul Foer, in purported concert with the Trumbauer campaign, picked it up and spread it around even more. And said elected official spent rest of last week denying it.

Not good street cred for Mr. Trumbauer.

-- Don't ask the Mayor for a favor. Or a photo. On Labor Day the Elks Club on Northwest Street have a parade. And every year they ask the City to waive fees. This year, at the same time they made their request, they were asked by the Mayor to pose with Chris for a photo. So they did. And snap. A photo was taken.

Can you guess the rest? A flyer with their picture was in the African American community within days.

Did the Mayor tie the waving of fees to the photo? We don't know.

But at least one member of the Elks Club thinks so.

-- Cynthia who? There once was an Alderwoman who represented the 6th Ward named Cynthia Carter. She is African American and is, to this day, well respected by the community.

In the Mayor's office works one Cynthia Gaines. She also happens to be an African American but is not as well known as Ms. Carter. And Mayor Office Cynthia has been making calls on behalf of Mr. Trumbauer calling herself 'Cynthia'.

A factual statement, to be sure. However, many of those receiving the calls think she is Ms. Carter. And Ms. Carter has endorsed Chuck Ferrar.

Ok, just a little bit of hocus pocus.

The larger question may be the time of day Mayor Office Cynthia has been making the calls. Ms. Carter has suggested the impostor calls may be being made during work hours. Furthermore, the 'voluntary' nature of this relationship is suspect. Forget whether it is in any way appropriate for a direct report to the Mayor to be engaged in his political effort at all.

The King would really hope that Candidate Trumbauer and Mayor Cohen could step up their level of chicanery and self dealing. It's embarrassing to be this inept at political perfidy.

We have a reputation to maintain.

King of George


  1. Did Cohen not accept thousands for developers ? And why would we give any weight to the boy-mayor's recommendations ?

    I hereby rank Cohen with Palin and will do the opposite of whatever they recommend.

  2. Trumbauer does not stand a chance. Qualifications do not win elections. Money does and Chuck can outspend him from here to Gen Burnie and back.

    Trumbauer was NEVER in this race seriously. But with the backing of Cohen and the expertise of Kathy Neiberding, he is starting to amass a bit of a warchest--perhaps for a FUTURE run at office. He claims to have $60K raised and one wonders why there are only 30 Trumbauer signs around town?

    You raise money for a future office and spend as little on this race to maximize your warchest.

    Maybe he will look to run for Mayor in a special election when Josh leaves the position early. Maybe he wants to be an Alderman. Or maybe he is just being a good puppet for Josh and hoping to be appointed someplace.

  3. Great! We'll get a pro gambling liquor store owner located in a strip center to represent us instead of some latte sipping greenie with a rain garden & compost heap - maybe they'll widen Forest Drive down that way as it sure needs it.

    They could put an overpass for Forest Drive in at Hillsmere so we wouldn't have to back up at the light and leave by wayu pf Parole. Maybe build a bridge over to the Mayo peninsula down by Arundel on the Bay or bay Ridge to get to DC easier.

    I hate traffic.

  4. Is not Cohen missing an opportunity to jump ship by staying put this election cycle. I think his ADD is driving him to live vicariously through Trumbauer. Too bad Trumbauer your backed by a loser who is backing a loser because a loser is backing him. If Trumbauer can disassociate himself form Cohen people might vote for him.

  5. Gimme the liquor store owner any day & scratch off lottery tickets.

  6. I hear Steve Carr has been paid to turn out the African American vote for Chuck, and that Carr is good friends with the King. It's good to be King, no?

  7. Bernie roseblucksteinbergAugust 30, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    Josh is a chamoole.

  8. Dee Dee DockmasterAugust 30, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    How many Josh Cohen's does it take to screw in a light bulb ?

    Well, we are not certain at this point. But We will assemble a team of high paid analysts from Baltimore, ask for public input, reassign a $100K+ salaried employee who is unqualified for his present position have a closed city council meeting and get right back to you.

  9. I call bullshit on this post and your credibility!

    1--why would Cohen send a letter to KOG who has now emerged as his nemesis ala Foer and Moyer?

    2--are we really to believe that the post office delivered a letter to KOG on KOG St. In Annapolis? I wonder if the same printer used to make this little flyer up was the same one that cost Scott Bowling the election?

  10. Dearest Anon:

    The King makes no claim to reality. Only sureality.

    Actually Mayor Cohen and I are tres bon amis. I never let a little politics interfere avec notre bonhomie.

    And did I claim the post office delivered the letter?

    Oh, my.

    Then I must correct myself. A pixie delivered it directly to my estate from the Mayor himself. And I expect you to believe that.

    I hope this clarifies your confusion.

    King of George