Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arnett Bags Bums

Dear Hearts:

We all know why our citte government exists: to serve us, the elite of the Historic Core.

When citte Public Works Department workers are seen replacing the sidewalk of a private individual on private property during working hours, we know the world is as it should be. Even if, under the severe direction of CAO Doug Smith, the Public Works Department is rudderless and has been provided with no leadership whatsoever.

So why, must I ask, did Alderman Arnett feel the compulsion to turn them in?

Yes, apparently the killjoy Alderman from Eastport felt a strange need to nab the city workers. Just out doing a favor for a friend. During regular working hours. Using city tools.

And so what if it wasn't even in Ward One?

Alderman Arnett: if you expect this is the way to ingratiate yourself into the salons of the Historic Core, then it won't work. We enjoy using city employees as our personal labor force.

After all, we've been doing it for over 300 years now.

King of George


  1. Vladimir WritechekoffMay 27, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    Name names King. You must expose the recipient of this corrupt favor.

  2. Dear Correspondent:

    Although the King knows the purported recipient of these services, it would be unfair to expose him to the unremitting harsh light of the blogosphere. After all, nothing wrong with some free city services from mes amis, n'est-ce pas?

    If you really want to know, query Alderman Arnett. He dropped the dime on them.

    King of George

  3. Vladimir WritechekoffMay 27, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    The King is a coward, The King is not worthy of his throne.

    Recall The King.

  4. Seriously King, why are you such a wimp ? Cough it up.

  5. Dear Charles & Vlad:

    The King does know all. But tells very little.

    So, why do you want to know? A public flagellation perhaps?

    Oh, what fun!

    King of George

  6. Vladimir WritechekoffMay 27, 2010 at 9:09 PM

    We want to know because it is our tax dollars being spent and we deserve to know who would steal from the People. We want heads to roll.

  7. I hear the dogs of war baying for a taste of political blood as brick sidewalks are replaced to protect our quality visitors from a twisted ankles and a fall.

    Let us hope this work is up to a standard befitting the State Capital as National Historic Landmark District. Nothing but the best for the best.

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  9. Craig, what is your problem with plastic ? You and your plastic blow-up doll seem to get along swimmingly.

  10. The Ancient City has rules it ignores to its own peril thus compromising its authentic archeology. St.Clair Wright fought hard for Annapolis and even as I write a violation is being constructed as a cultural crime against the State at the foot of King George Street by the Navy gate. Fypon (plastic/stryrofoam) soffits & cornices are so passe.

    Will the blind downtowners ever do anything beside selectively enforce the law against those they love to despise while letting their favorite neighbors slide ? Is consistency really the hobgoblin of small minds ?

  11. Ok so you admit you find your plastic love doll cheaper and easier to maintain ? Who am I to insist you get a protoplasmic model when that is clearly beyond your means ? Besides the money you save can be better used elsewhere--pretension does not come cheap !!

  12. What is the cost of this material damage to Ancient City Architecture and its reputation as a gold standard for Preservation ?

    Will we shall soon find the Emperor to have no clothes in this prettiest of small towns ?


    see link:

  13. Goodness, Craig, that house that's being repaired, the one you call a "cultural crime", was a complete dump. I couldn't care less if they're using plastic or wood as long as they sturdy that hovel up.

  14. Willy,

    Tell your friends & neighbors to stop hacking up the National Historic Landmark District. St. Clair did a nice job with the former Carvel Hall...



  15. Mr. Paca brings up a very good point. Is it better for an owner to let his home exist in a state of disrepair, or is it in his best interest ( as well as the observer) for him to repair and protect his investment to the best of his ability. Mr. Purcell is NOT a resident of Annapolis and owns no property in the Historic district, Downtown is not his personal museum. He has no right to dictate anything that goes on in this town.

    These are tough times my friends, and we all do not have the budgets of the yuppies on " This Old House" .

    These are Constitution issues my friends, and Craig is simply a frustrated man with little else in his life.

  16. Dear Lam,

    As a State of Maryland citizen I am merely advocating for the protection the authentic archeological history of the Ancient City as the Capital of all the people of the Free State with it formerly fine national Historic Landmark District.

    If you cheap out and can't maintain your property get a waiver or perhaps you should leave and sell it to one who can and move to the County. King of George has plenty of cash and will take it off your hands for a fair price.

    Botch & hack jobs on historic properties will end as soon as those living (and working) downtown stop focusing on liquor and its outfall. They may even choose to expand the District if they were smart. I heartily suggest a trip to Charleston in order to see and experience how it is done the right way.

    How far they have strayed from the core mission to preserve and protect.

  17. HeyZeus MahnendezMay 28, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    Craig you are a racist and your slippery slope logic is ridiculous. You are the one that is not welcome in Annapolis my sweet friend. Stay out of here or the hounds will get you.

  18. Yeah Zues sure...
    Come on out of the shadows..

  19. I smell money..
    Who is on the take here ?

  20. Sean McBaconskysteinMay 28, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Craig, There is indeed a bounty on getting embarassing pictures of you and your brother. You are screwed.

  21. Dear King of George,

    Will you please relieve me of the digital pest.


  22. Purrrrrrrrrrrrcell,
    The King only protects those worthy of protection and you have earned your forthcoming exposure.

  23. Dearest Readers:

    M. Purcell has stirred the hornest's nest.

    Apparently there are embarassing photos of the fraternal Purcellians? Doing what?

    Hanging out in Eastport? Walking in West Ananpolis? Shopping on Forest Drive?

    Embarassing indeed! The outer wards are sooo gauche.

    King of George

  24. Merely trying to get the Gov't and its People of the Core to enforce their own laws for the sake of consistency, beauty, truth and the Annapolis Way. These petty attacks by the Violating Cultural Assailant Class destroys the integrity of the homeland and this is indeed a shame.

    When shall change come to the Ancient City ?

    When shall the good and nice people stand up and be counted?

  25. Craig lives in Baltimore for god-sakes , he should appreciate thumbing the nose at the hoity-toities as so many smart Ward 1-ers do. But no, he sits in his Baltimore not-ivory stoop and snipes at people who own and live in genuine family heirloom properties and attempts to humiliate them by taking pictures of their sound judgement building choices in order to make a point that only a few radical antique enthusiasts will entertain.
    We, the landed-gentry and supporters of the intelligent are not taking this lying down. No we are not. We are combining forces in order to do a court records search, and a land records search and anything else we can do in order to reveal the Purcell Klan and publicly humiliate them. We do it not to control them, but to simply to make sure they tuck their shirts in, do not drink or smoke in public, and behave in an orderly manner at all times. We also wish to warn them to never let down their guard in public lest we get a picture of them picking their noses or ...well you get the idea.

  26. Oh my God, they got one of them doing something !!!!

  27. Many so called "sound judgements" are installed without a permit at night and against the law.

    Many in the State of Maryland, ye verily nation at large, are aghast at how far standards have fallen in the Ancient City compromising the legacy of St. Clair.

    Go ahead and search the records but you won't find much of interest... Attacking the messenger and engaging in political bloodsport is an old tradition in Annapolis as the rumor mill & whispering campaigns fade and gives way to today's information rich age.

    Fake materials have never been allowed in the historic core as a matter of policy which will only be emphatically confirmed by the National Trust in tey comimg months.

    No dear Tyra you stand on shaky and unstable ground.

  28. My ground shakes not, and yet it is here in the heart of the place you wish you could control. We have what you want, and your petty antics are the acts of a man spited. You will be held to account and humiliated soon in the public square doing the things you feel natural doing, the acts you perform when you feel most alone and safe will soon be exposed to the World !!!

    You will crumble before us like Feta cheese.

  29. Dearest Craig,
    You sir, are no St. Clair Wright. What was the last thing of value you contributed to the City of Annapolis?

  30. The revival of an historic conscience perchance ?

  31. Havvie BlonderschlokMay 29, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    No Craig. You have alienated yourself from the powerful. You have only proven you are vulnerable to your own methods and when we expose our images of you to the public you will wish your mother had never given birth to you--your regrets and pleas for mercy will go unheeded. You will be mercilessly humiliated. When women see the pictures of you, they will turn away in horror and disgust, children will vomit and hardened men will weep. You brother will disown you, he will hate you for your obsession with the lives and homes of those whom he relies on for business and you dream of becoming. He will not only be embarrassed by your acts, but humiliated by images we of himself we will obtain.

    When you least expect it Craig, when you feel the most safe, when this promise of our vengeance is forgotten, only then will we strike and delivery.

    * no animals or children will be harmed and no laws will be broken

  32. Hmmmm....

    I detect the wounded voice of a violator par excellence... You want plastic or paper ?

  33. Ralph F. RiddlerMay 29, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    you detect nothing but that which you seek. That which are not seeking, you will fail to detect and therein lies your undoing. Riddle you this, riddle you that, riddle your brain with a baseball bat.

  34. who is this anonymous creep ?

  35. I'ts me, Ben Purcell. April Fool.