Sunday, May 2, 2010

Doug Smith's First - And Final - Junket

Gentle Friends:

The king is always in favor of a good municipal junket or two.

Like examining refuse removal in Vail. Water treatment coordination in Carmel. Or public health studies at South Beach.

So, actually, CAO Doug Smith's idea last week was a good one: a trip to Ocean City to study bar operations. This, he thought, would allow key policy makers insight on how bars operate in other jurisdictions. It was such a good idea he also invited a local bar owner and Mayor Cohen himself.


Phantastische idee Herr Smith! Cavorting through the night life of Ocean City, bar-to-bar, sampling the famous 'Tipsy Turtle' at Coconuts or a 'Duck Call' at M. R. Ducks. All while performing public service for Annapolis at taxpayer expense. And city workers are laid off, services are cut and grants continue to be lost.

Word is the Chair of the CCRABL Committee, tasked with reviewing liquor laws for City Council, was less than pleased with this idea. I'm not sure why. Is it because it dis-empowers the committee or simply because she was not invited?

Lighten up! I'm sure there will be room on this bus.

Unfortunately, it seems Mayor Cohen too is less than hot on Herr Smith's travel plans. So it's unlikely it will ever take place.

Herr Smith, in recompense you are invited to take the cure with me next month in Baden Baden. The refreshment of choice there is that most plebeian of drinks: Rhine wine. But I am sure you will find a way to deal with that.

Just be sure to bring your city expense account.

King of George


  1. Dear Mr. King of George,

    This is hard to believe.

    Annapolis using Ocean City as a model for anything would be a big mistake. Charleston, Savannah or Newport would be a much better pattern to study unless of course one actually wants more plastic, a boardwalk atmosphere & t-shirt tourism...

    No this must be a bogus rumor and couldn't possibly be true but then again all that fake architecture in town is not really being addressed and surprisingly some so called historical types are in fact advocating for it.

    Sink me...

  2. Amazing. It's a good thing Josh Cohen stopped this crazy idea!!

  3. I don't see anything wrong with this. As long as I get to go too.

  4. Ocean City has some fine bars. I especially like the the one with the parrot drinks by the inlet. Great view, but I forget the name!!

    Annapolis needs more of these.

  5. Yes, there an excellent opportunity to observe and report from OC.

  6. Dear K of G,

    I have been reading "The Tuesday Club of Annapolis (1745-1756)as Cultural Performance" by Wilson Somerville and it would seem these sort of clubbical entertainments along the Atlantique Rim would be a much better parti for the Ancient City when considering it economic base and future directions.

    Ocean City's strategy and devices for controlling drunks would seem to be a poor point of departure for Annapolis to consider and seemingly caters to liquor and its outfall as overriding identity for the town.

  7. OC is kool man! We need more bars like that!!!