Friday, May 7, 2010

Prof. Arnett's Voodoo Econ 101

Finest People:

Having matriculated in International Economics at the University of Lausanne, I agree that economics is the most dismal of sciences. All those supply and demand curves, pareto charts and money supply issues.

Thanks to Prof. Arnett, it isn't dismal any longer.

Grizzly Ross has made it fun again by eliminating the need to deal in fact. You see, his 'Super Special We're Really Smart' Committee knows more than you.

(Really, how could that be? They are not even from the Historic Core!)

These gifted amateurs say the City's deficit is in excess of $11.0 million! Oh my god. Time to slip out of town in the middle of night before the meteor hits. Just like I did in Kuala Lumpur while the coconut oil futures crashed back in '83.

Yet, the City Council's own auditor says the deficit is only $3.5 million. Unfortunately, he does this for a living and is a CPA. Therefore he is completely unqualified.

Other Council members would like to raise additional money for the so called 'rainy day fund' of an excess of $4 million. You don't need this money to operate the government, especially with a revolving line of credit in place. But, apparently, it makes some pols sleep better at night.

Nevertheless, Professor Arnett has decided that it is time to knife away at the beast. His plans, distributed by the Mayor's office to department heads this week, include cutting all bus service, eliminating engineers from public works and reducing fire and police services. See the scan above.

Bully, I say. Let the people walk, public works operate without engineers and the city burn. These services are so overrated.

We hope we will not hear too much huffing and puffing from those left of center. It's time to turn the lights off on city government and go home.

Just like dear Harvey Poe said, Annapolis is a failed experiment.

King of George


  1. I say give all the Mgmt.over to the County as Annapolis is just a combination of small neighborhoods like Cape St. Claire, Bay Ridge, Earleigh Height, Glen Burnie, Harundale or a Furnace Branch Road.

    In that way we can simply eliminate all the gov't & reduce taxes. We don't need meddling politicians to get in the way of trash pickup, recylcing & the cops and fireman in the County do a good job.

  2. Tea Party TommyMay 8, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    Yes I agree.

    Let's sell off the Markethouse, The Rec Center, Privatize the Garages & Transporation system so we can balance the budget iong term and then cut,cut,cut the government back to the bone to provide only the barest of essentials and get the gov't off our backs and out of our pockets.

    Why not just let AA County handle fire ,police & permitting & planning - they have a bigger system and the added 8% extra work to handle little Annapolis would be no big deal. In fact with the current recession it would be no extra work as there is not much to do.

    It's all about efficiency now as we head into the second dip of our double dip recession. Who is going to replace Smith as the man willing to make the tough financial decisions ? You think the Democrats are going to do it? Ha!, Ha!, Ha! they'll just form more committees to study the issues (like Liquor and 2AM licenses) and hide the problem as usual.

    It is time to let the people rule fair, principled and unafraid in the Free State.

    Wait until the elections this fall you'll see..

  3. Truthia Flambe'May 8, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    We need to sell the entire city to the county but leave his Royal Flyness Josh Cohen and his security force in Place awaiting the official ceremonial removal.

    Cohen shall be paraded around the 'city' dock carried on a gilded Litter ( palanquin) day and night for a week. The Mayor and his posse must then be made to accept the gifts of soft tomatoes offered by the people at a high velocity for his corporal acceptance.

    Cohen shall then be rinsed in the water of the dingy landing before being removed to dry on the lawn of St. John's College.

  4. Maybe Annapolis needs a commuter, a city sales & a liquor tax. Has County paid their multi million water a sewage bill yet ?

  5. Who is minding the store ?

  6. Let Foer have the bus system now that the grantwriting Director has left the City and there is no money. Maybe he can do something with it. Does he still live here ?

  7. This is all horrible and you should be ashamed for not taking government more seriously.

    Elections have consequences and we need the right people in there who are responsible and do things like cut all the spending of money we don't have.

  8. Chill out... It will be all fine. The numbers are all made up by Elliott and they keep fluctuating. Ward Oners wanted a crisis and he made it for them.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see the budget just be about 2 or 3 mil over and some simple cuts & furloughs to handle the problem and set things right - no big deal -- kinda like the gunfire group's inflated agenda and manufacturing a crisis.

  9. one would hope given that boy Cohen wants to borrow 10 million while Annapolis dies he has a secret plan to refund the taxpayers a piece of the action. I wish Cohen nothing but the best, but given his track record he will need a lot of expensive help. One could see how an older woman like Zina would have the skills to save Annapolis, it is a shame the voters choice was forced to leave. Never forget Josh is appointed.

    Hey Zina new Clinton right ? Could it be he has influenced a clandestine group of sophisticated operatives to destroy Cohen ? I mean, not destroy his person, but his political present and future.

    Cohen, you have let the people down. You must step down NOW, before you embarrass your father again as well.

    Josh, never forget MRE. hey.... maybe there are secret operatives in MRE that seek josh's political demise.

  10. Langdon,

    A very cryptic post you will have to explain to the uninitiated in the ways of Annapolis Politics. It is not at all clear. What are the goals?

    Ald. Arnett redlines out the bus system while Ald Israel throws sand into the gears to seize up the forces of change. Most of the remainder go to plastic to pay the debt & to allow time to dither over the tough decisions.

    When is Annapolis going to make some money and/or cut spending ? The economy may be going into a double dip recession on the back of globalized overspending by governments of all sizes and shapes.

  11. a left-wing conspiracy against Cohen ?

  12. Five votes is as five votes does.

  13. Life is like a box of chocolate

  14. Forest !

    Mama always said:

  15. Off topic, but did Foyer lose his radio "show"? I noticed that for the past few weeks he does not have any sponsors--is he back to paying WNAV to spew his venom again?

  16. No one is talking about Foer.

    Recall Cohen.....

  17. Recall him doing what ? Acting like a liberal, or becoming a right-wing no tax and borrow idiot ?

  18. irrelevance is as irrelevance does...

  19. Soak the rich in Annapolis downtown & tell them to pay up and quit complaining.

  20. Hmmm, I think we ought to pilfer the rich to pay Josh's salary.

  21. Jerimiah Wazza BullfrogMay 10, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    The rich are poor therefore we as republicans must simply ignore them as we do all poor people.

    Recall Cohen!!

  22. The poor are rich in spirit therefore tax them to death.

    Screw everyone !!! Keep Cohen !!!!

  23. Who is going to be doing the cuts now that Smith is gone?

  24. Josh wears too many dark suits. I think he thinks he is important.

  25. Vesicleus SeminaliMay 11, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    Josh is like a boy cheerleader without a father who was once POTUS. An idiot without a chance. A confused wanderer. What say you Socrates ?

  26. Josh at least is fiscally responsible...

  27. Josh is great, just ask his mother.

  28. Josh is Mayor and knows he has to cut the budget as is happening all across the country & globe.

    Is Annapolis Greece?

  29. Josh is mayor. Did you see the mayor in his new video. Very important guy this Josh. Holds his pen in his hand the hole time and looks scared like his is talking to his principle. And then he puts his fingertips together feigning profundity. Got to love this boy, he is so sheepish and whipped. Ba ba black sheep.