Thursday, May 6, 2010

Democracy, Schmocracy

Gentle Readers:

The King is constantly amazed that some people just don't get a simple fact about the Ancient Citte: democracy just doesn't work here.

Maybe it is our miasmic aire. Or the perfidy of individuals. Or the ingrained class structure (the haves, the have nots and the wanna haves). Why is is so hard for some to understand this escapes me.

Yesterday, again, we had to listen to the plaintive whining of another citizen of the outer wards who thinks that the people who cast the ballots somehow should have a say in their government. Someone named Scott Lowe wrote a Letter to the Editor decrying the Cohen Administration's absent mindedness of the people who elected him.

He mentioned that young Mayor Cohen lost Ward One in the November election. Yet decidedly won Wards 3,4 and 6. After getting elected, Mr. Cohen went on to appoint Herr Smith as City CAO.

The corespondent noted Herr Smith was formerly head of something called the "Ward One Vigilante Association". An institution associated in many Annapolitan's minds with exlcusionary policies based on class.

(Is this a new group? How do I join!)

Dear Mr. Lowe, you just don't get it. In a class-based political system, such as we have in Annapolis, it is not important who voted for you. At all costs, elected officials are not to carry forward their agenda.

They are to carry forward the agenda of the class to whom they aspire. In Annapolis that means the agenda of the elite of Historic Core. Aka: me.

Young Mayor Cohen aspires to be accepted as a fellow grandee in Ward One. So he acts in our best interests; listening to us, appointing us and promoting us.


Of course, his efforts will ultimately fail. He cannot be accepted as a full member of this club. We're way too exclusive for that.

But we will give him a few points for effort.

And, perhaps, he could join us for a meal or two on 'guest nights'.

King of George


  1. Hear, Hear !

  2. I second that motion, Heah,Heah! and I might add most appropriately said... It is soon time for my afternoon nap and I will weigh in more detail later...

  3. Why do we even bother with the outer wards? They are just a nuisance and we have no common interests. Let the County have them and revoke the Charter for Annapolis surely is a failed experiment.