Sunday, May 16, 2010

Save the Environment. Send Cash.

Dearest Readers:

As you know, the King enjoys the out of doors as much as the next royal (see: Should the Historic Core Remain Green?, March 13). The fresh aire, the path and and a serene mountain scene helps him with his ennui.

These pleasures must be reserved for the elite.

The King has had some disquiet when Mayor Cohen ran for office. His concern for pedestrian environmental pleasures is well know. Wading in the creeks, frolicking in oyster beds and embracing fellow greens. In fact, his wife is a member of that near-communal group, The Green Party.

Yet, my concern has been poorly placed. Under the guise of the budget 'crisis' engineered by Herr Smith, most city environmental programs have been cut, storm water run off personnel fired and even a city park closed. And there has been no action whatsoever on the City's Wind Farm.

This means one thing: once again, only the elite can enjoy the environment because we will be the only ones who can afford to support private pristine enclaves.


What has contributed to the King's glee are all the local environmental organizations and environmentalists that have rolled over. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They are doing nothing to oppose the largest set back to environmental stewardship in a generation.

OK. Technically, that isn't exactly correct.

During these cutbacks, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has sent six letters to the King asking for money. While the Maryland League of Conservation Voters has sent two. And the Sierra Club has sent merely one appeal. (Gadzooks. They need to get on the stick.)

These appeals for funds are neither to turn back the citte's cut backs, nor fund lobbying of citte officials nor, worse yet, actually go into the field and improve the environment. They want your cash for legislative actions at the state level and to cover their own overhead.

The citte's own creek conservancies have been noticeably quiet. Even Sierra's local Director, David Prosen, who so loudly spoke against plastic bags, has seemingly come down with laryngitis.

So, thanks environmetal organizations and the good folks that run them. Your concern for the Bay's environment has been shown bare.

It begins and ends at your bank accounts.

King of George


  1. Ever Edward the EnvironmentlistMay 16, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    It seems trees are a distraction as are clean water and meadows In Annapolis as the city has opted for a faceless sprawl of parking lots, strip centers and spec office buildings as the preferred development pattern.

    Lets hope the new leadership in Public Works will figure out how to fix the toxic storm water system that mixes with raw sewage all dumping in the Bay during peak weather conditions.

    We can only hope change will be coming as Cohen finds his sea legs and get a leash on his fellow high spending Democrats.

  2. Jacob the JesterMay 16, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Cohen is impotent in the battle for a clean environmental . He is too busy "bailing water" and trying to survive his trial by fire-- was he under-prepared or what? -- to even ponder the environmental problem in Annapolis. But perhaps after he bails and sets his course he can hire someone to ponder the environmental problem using the 10 million he borrowed--isn't borrowing money like bailing when there is a large hole in the hull ?

    Captain Cohen is last at sea.

  3. Jacob the JesterMay 16, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    he is lost at see too.

  4. How dare you attack our duly elected Mayor's honor! This is beyond the pale and polite society shall not be in the same room with you. Oh, how horrible all this bloodsport!

    (boo hoos heard echoing down the hallway as small frail footsteps fade in the distance)

  5. Who need parks anyway. Clean water is a bother to keep clean & woods just make leaves and cause maintenance headaches.