Thursday, May 27, 2010

Israel's Coup

Fellow Elite:

Excellent news. Our coup is about to occur.

Young Mayor Cohen has made the eggregious error of putting us in charge. Alderman Dick Israel in charge to be exact. As Acting Mayor in his absence. See scan above.

The die is struck. This will be a Memorial Day to memorialize.

HPC officials wandering throughout Annapolis, shutting down plastic and fakery. WORA complaining about bars and noise in Eastport. And parking problems throughout.

I say Bully! It's about time the rest of citte in the outer wards suffer along with us.

Thank you Josh. We knew there was some reason we voted for you.

King of George


  1. Justice at last!

    Longer daytime naps and no more rowdies to keep us awake past 9PM. Will Alderman Israel be able to shut down Annapolis airspace? -- so those dang Blue Angels don't come over and disturb the peaceful quiet and use of our property.


  2. what an ass kissing elitist wannabee that Cohen is.

  3. is it true Josh's mommy does all of Josh's thinking ?

  4. Does that mean Josh's house will be empty this weekend ? Moo ha ha ha.

  5. Dearest Readers:

    Yes we, the elite, are in charge this weekend.

    Bully for us!

    King of George

  6. God save the King, all hail King Israel, we couldn't be in better hands