Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slavery Museum Coming to City Dock?

Fellow Historics:

The King enjoys a reflective look backwards in time. Or attempts to turn back the clock to revise this 'representative democracy' thing. Or even a reactionary proto-revolutionary movement to restore our colonial allegiances to the Royal Hanoverians.


So, he was generally supportive when he first heard the scheme for a National Slavery Museum in the Historic Core.

But then -- warnings.

The group is being lead by noted histrionic and defiler of property rights, Mr. Craig Purcell, AIA. The same individual who has come into our streets, gardens and courtyards. Digital camera at port arms. Snapping away at what he has decided to be violations of HPC codes.

Last year he went so far as to turn in Annapolis into the National Trust for Historic Preservation's 11 most endangered places list. And forced many property rights loving Annapolitans to tear out plastic fences and windows. And led the effort against dear Bryan and Valerie Miller's plastic columns.

(Having lost in District Court, they are now at the Appellate Court level. Fight on brave souls. God speed!).

We understand that this Purcellian group has already done some design work and selected a site -- the Donner Building across from the Haley monument. Our contacts have confirmed that a high 7 figure price has actually been agreed to between the group and the property owners.

How this rag tag band of Patapsco swilling ruffians will raise that amount of money is unknown. Perhaps a casino on the site might help.

Unlike the National Sailing Hall of Fame, the project is completely on private property. So the plans won't hit public purvue until permits are requested or for the required HPC review of architectural plans. So it is expected little public knowledge of this effort will be forth coming in the near future.

I am very supportive of recollections of Annapolis' checkered history. Yet, I must strongly object to another attraction to draw visitiors to the Historic Core.

I have become very fond of my afternoon naps. More screaming urchins on King George, Prince George and the other environs of us elite does not sit well with the King.

Edgewater might be a better location. I understand there are people there who would be much more welcoming of such a necessary historical reflection.

King of George


  1. Dearest King,

    You almost have it right.

    While the story of Slavery as related to Free Blacks, Native Americans, Whites & Immigrants has yet to be told in a compelling way and while it would draw many more people to the Ancient City than tours of Georgian mansions of the landed gentry - you must appreciate the need understand slavery the larger picture which also includes the Environmental History of Annapolis and the Bay in a global context.

    I suggest a close reading of "Tobacco Coast: A Maritime History of Chesapeake Bay in the Colonial Era" to get a sense of it.

    Yes, fundraising will begin shortly as soon as the deal is nailed down.

  2. Actually, I heard it was going to be at Riordans or Fawcetts.
    The other idea of slots downtown would work at the old Recreation building.