Friday, May 14, 2010

Celebrate Public Service Day

Dearest City Public Servants:

I am so happy to report from Google Analytics that, as of yesterday, you have become the largest single identifiable group of readers. 25% of all King of George 'page views' now come across the City of Annapolis server. I don't know who you are, but I do know what server you use.

This means that our City Government continues to hear the King as he speaks for the concerns of the elite.


Of course, some of you may be pinned down with your flak jacket on. While others of you may be manning the 50 cal. at the top of the ridge doing the shooting (seen Pacific?).

It is so fascinating to watch city government consume itself.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to know the King has become Radio Free Annapolis to all combatants.

King of George


  1. Yes the King is the good voice of Radio Free Annapolis. It is wonderful to know Government Service includes protecting us from the intrusions of the Ward One & Eastport Gunfire Tea Party rabble bent on the destruction of goods and services we so richly deserve in our leisured historic cocoon.

    Perhaps the City Workers can find a way to have the Compromise Street Drawbridge freeze in the open position and cut us off from the barbarians to the East. Now if you can just find a premise to block off West Street and Rowe Blvd. all would be well and the Beaver, Wally & June would be so happy.

  2. King -- please liberate us poor city employees from the tyranny of Smith & Cohen. We are dead men walking...

  3. King of Gorman StreetMay 14, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    I don't think I can stand another day of this.

    The ship has lost its rudder and city employees all walking around in a daze. Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is getting done. All Josh does is call committee meetings and nothing is ever decided. KH spends more time in his office than she does in her own. We are all waiting for the next firing or cut or 're-alignment' or whatever. Never any good news!

    At least Trudy McFall could have run this place.

    Great manager this Doug Smith!! Go back to chemical engineering.

  4. Maybe Smith will have one more chop with the budget ax before he goes with heads rolling to get the City budget aligned with the real world. These dream world Democrats need to wake up.

  5. Dude how cool are you? The King is the King of City Hall. As such you do in fact rule the kingdom ? When the serfdom fears a job loss , when a temporary elected official threatens job security, they will seek you and you benevolence , you understanding of Noblesse oblige.

    God Bless The King.

    Recall Cohen

  6. The King is benevolent, wise and has agents in many quarters

  7. The People's Great Tea Party Revolution will sweep away all bad elements from Annapolis this fall. The elite have had control and power long enough and We the People will run things from now on...

  8. the tea party people are misguided and living in the past.

  9. The Tea Party will save America from the profligate ways of the Government Class, Unions and Politicians.

  10. with regard to the tea party saving amurika,

    two words : Don Dwyer

  11. Sarah Palin loves America, Freedom, the Tea Party, Common Sense and Trucks.

    Normal people will soon rule the roost. The Libs can't run and can't hide - The big spending Conservatives will get the same.

    We the People have got the big spenders in our sights and reform will come soon to reflect the People's values and principles. You'll get the message this fall.

  12. Drill baby drill. oops.