Thursday, May 13, 2010

Col. Kirby's Surprise Assault on MHRA

Fellow Historics:

Last night at Maryland Hall, Colonel Kenneth A. Kirby conducted a surprise air assault on the bastion of the Murray Hill Resident's Association. Reminiscent of the 1942 attack on Tokyo by Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, little physical damage was done but much psychological shock ensued.

We Historics have always used these rump groups to do our political bidding in the citte. This has included endless whining about everything from flower baskets and street cafe's to 2 am licenses and parking. Although few of their members are actual elite of the citte, we do populate most of their ranks with our wannabe friends and servants from Murray Hill.

A 7-11 in the core of historic Singapore.

The case in point this time is the proposal to open a 7-11 store on the the site of the Exxon station at the corner of Lafayette and West Streets.

You see, Alderman Kirby seems to think that more than the MHRA mafiosi should have an input into the proposal. He wants the probable customers of such an establishment to have input as well.

The MHRA member who told him he could not speak because he was not from Ward One did little to ease the tension. Alderman Kirby's family still owns their home in Ward One on Silopanna Road, where his mother spent her last years; Mr. Kirby himself is Chair of the City's Housing and Community Development Committee, tasked to review the needs of various communities across the citte; and he is the new Alternate of the dreaded Mr. Weikel, At Large Member of the Democratic Central Committee. Representing Democrats citte wide.

Not a smart move, MHRA-ettes.

Murray Hill's defensive line broke under this pressure and this gave Mr. Kirby the opening he needed. Apparently for him, it's an issue of institutional class and elitism. Reminding attendees that there are others in Annapolis besides themselves. He added that there needs to be an equal playing field for all business owners. And that he knows about equality. He even reminisced about his days at Maryland Hall when it was Annapolis High School at the end of the desegregation era.

MOM (Mother of the Mayor), who attended last night, was not pleased. Rolling her eyes at the esteemed Alderman. There will be hell to pay in City Hall today.


Ancient Citte class tensions are the highest in recent memory as other changes are afoot as well. There is a seismic shift at HACA as new power alignments replace the decayed structures and strictures of olde. Executive Director Eric Brown has been fired this morning and replaced by former Annapolis Police Chief Joe Johnson on an interim basis. Reports are that Mr. Brown is "mad as hell".

The King shares his angst. It is wrong for the elite to be challenged by the rabble. Even if it is our servants and toady Monticellans from MHRA being challenged.

So I say: to the barricades!

It is time to defend our right to deny you a Slurpee!

King of George


  1. Eric Brown is out!!! About time.

    I'm glad Chief Johnson was willing to step in and pinch hit.

  2. Dearest Readers:

    Yes, this is what happens when we un-muzzle vox populi.

    Time to bring back a net worth test to vote!

    King of George

  3. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  4. Why not build an apartments on top of a 7-11?

  5. One couldn't make this shite up. Huzzah!

  6. Big Sizemore PetersonMay 13, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    Josh is a neocon.

  7. Josh needs to keep his mom at home. She is not doing him any favors...

  8. Arthur RosenblatzMay 13, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    Josh's mother is creepy.

  9. 7-11'a are sketchy. What needs is one of them there WAWA's. They make a good submarine sandwich for less.

  10. Oh thank heaven...



  12. Why, because he's the bulldog, this cittee has been lacking? Goooooooo away, lacklusternasayers!