Sunday, May 23, 2010

King of George Bottom Blog In Area

Fellow Elite:

Other blogs trumpet their readership. King of George knows better.

It happened sometime last night and we want to brag a little. King of George is likely the bottom blog in the area in terms of traffic and unique visitors.

We achieved this distinction by focusing on us, the elite of the Historic Core. Our concerns are the only things germaine to Annapolis.

Others need not apply.

So, please, if you are not of the elite, leave us. Neither do we like you nor do we see any positive result your readership could possibly produce.

And to our friends who are into their page views and unique visitors, we say bully!

But understand we really don't want these things. They bore us.

And please don't spread it around.

King of George

1 comment:

  1. Touché King.

    And FYI, we have added you to our blogroll as a "humorous blog about politics and the elite in Annapolis"