Saturday, May 15, 2010

Doug Smith's Next Move

Dearest Neighbors:

The King has never sullied his hands with work. The trust fund has seen to that.

So I imagine being an employee is hard. Having a boss, listening to all those instructions. And changing jobs has to be doubly hard. Having a new boss, listening to all those new instructions.

City CAO Doug Smith is rumoured to have a solution. For himself at least.

There is now talk in 160 Duke that Herr Smith will be refit and placed into service as Public Works Director.

Adding fuel to the fire are comments from Mayor Cohen at the late April Council meeting. The Mayor said he looked forward to continuing to work with Herr Smith post CAO debacle.

Plus he is a chemical engineer - a requirement of the Public Works Director is to be an engineer.

Some Council members are vexed about another Mayor Cohen maneuver to avoid them. Appointing someone with neither proper qualification nor council support.

Mayor Cohen should be concerned. Herr Smith could do him severe political damage in the salons of Ward One. A place he only got 40% of the vote anyway. Next time his lack-of-plurality might drop to 39%.

But all these political considerations are irrelevant to Herr Smith. He undoubtedly has learned a lot in his short time in government. His problem is solved if he can use his ill gotten information as blackmail to pull off this hat trick.

Meet Doug's new boss, same as Doug's old boss.

King of George


  1. The Royal Court Party is in control as usual and the same old pennies keep turning up again and again.

    You don't see any budget cuts in historic preservation do you ?

    When will the People gain control of their government and rule ?

    Maybe after this fall it will all be different.

  2. Johnson out now in
    Smith out now in

    Who's next?

  3. Here's a thought...Foer was in, then he was out, will he be in now?