Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Anonymus Attackes Discovered

Concerned Historics:

The King has discovered newly found anonymous attackes. Upon unsuspecting governing officials. These attackes have included calls for revolt and wholesale change in our form of government.

This level of perfidy is extreme.

It was discovered today that a false name was set upon the page by a printer. The documents in question, a series of screeds promoting revolution and extremism, were attributed to a group calling themselves "PUBLIUS".

This is cowardliness to the extreme. It is high time for the authorities to hunt these malcontents down and provide punishment. With a whip and pillory.

Our Government cannot stand against such attacks by Mssr. Hamilton, Madison and Jay.

Death to the Founding Fathers!

King of George


  1. Yawn,

    I heartily agree - off with all anonymous heads - it is easier that way - we know who to target for excoriation and vilification. If you can't tell the truth in your own name and must resort to mysterious authorship then to now is it...

    What need have we of Constitutions and Charters downtown in the core anyway as our people always do the right thing as Lords of the Manor - why must we put up with petty rules?

    They are so bothersome.

  2. Dear Master & King of George,

    While I acknowledge there is a fine tradition of pen names in the forming of our country and that many truths may be said under a nom de plume that cannot be said aloud for fear of retaliation & shunning -- I do feel it is important to stand up and be counted because this is the essence of political life.

    Take your unequal bar hours for example. If you citizens and businesses agreed to make them all the same but were flexible when bars closed then you would be ahead of the game and operating on a fair and level playing field rather than sapping all the political energy Annapolis has to give over this rather minor issue. You could even find the time to figure out how to enforce your own historic ordinances so you architecture doesn't erode away before your own eyes.

    On the evening, over a decade and a half ago, when the Ward One Sector was approved I saw John Hammond lean over the Mike Riordan and give him a hearty handshake as they were standing side by side almost in the back of the room. I was in the back of the room and walked out the door know that this was all just a deal between certain existing 2AM license holders and certain residents to preserve their monopolies.

    Ward One would complain in perpetuity and the 2Am license holders would have their 2AM monopolies in perpetuity. Nice deal if you can get it and forms quite a barrier to entry of new business.

    I say make all bar hours equal and roll them back to 1 AM and get on with turning Annapolis around economically & get the Markethouse up and running for the great majority who are in bed before 11AM so they can get up and go to work the next day.

  3. Anonymous messages and mailings are beyond the pale and polite society should not engage in such foolishness. These people need to be ignored and hopefully they will go away.

  4. Dearest Jane,
    Are you fond of irony?

  5. I completely agree with everyone